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Welcome to Lottoriddles, the innovative riddles. Through meaningful storytelling, blogs, vlogs, audio, skits, and other creative content, we present an opportunity for brainy entertainment with rewards of cash prizes.  You may win cash prizes by strategically finding the underlying meaning of our content. For promotional purposes only, you can win up to $100 just for trying to solve a riddle. Lottoriddles LLC reserves the rights to all content and is for entertainment use only.  Purchase a Lottoriddle attempt today! 
*Money is rewarded via
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The all-new "PHOTOBLIMINALS" Coming Soon...

Take a close look at the photo. Examine it thoroughly. Notice the patterns. If you can decipher the subliminal in this picture, the money is yours if you attempt. This is an example of our new "Photobliminal" riddles. Stay tuned for the answer to the riddle... For now, practice and see if you can figure it out.

Photobliminal LR Sample.jpg

"Connect Four"

The popular, enjoyable board game of many pastimes and even today.

You caught it,right? Easy!

You can win money here! Let's dissect! Notice that each strand consists of four letters, whether "connected" by dots or dashes. Each strand also contains the letters "C" and "F", which are the initials of the board game. Now, we take a look at the stars. They represent the classic red and blue checkers utilized in the game. They are also grouped in 4's, although one is very tricky. Lastly, arguably the most common color of the board is yellow. Coincidently (cough, cough), the background of the Photobliminal happens to be yellow. Hmm...

*Coming Soon*

*Coming soon...


Lottoriddles TINIES  

$150 reward!

"The Dispersed Word"


Take a look at the letters on the script. Do they subliminally hint at a specific word? The answer will NOT be spelled out in the script directly like a crossword puzzle. Immerse your eyes into the letters and see if your mind "picks up" on a particular word. Sample Answer coming shortly...


Did you see Sprite? Your subconscious did. The tasty beverage is subliminally hidden in the script. The term "Remix" is also hidden in the riddle: one of the most popular flavors of Sprite for its time. If you have the EYE for catching the dispersed word/s, $120 is yours for the taking.

DW #SampleWM.jpg

*available: NOW!

White Structure


From Podcasts, to short stories, poems, and many other audio avenues, listen in and catch the Underlying meaning! FEATURED on YOUTUBE!

The Latest in Riddle-Land:

New riddles of all types are on the horizon!  Play the night away and make money! Expect more of a routine release of content.

NEW: Lottoriddles Reach is here! Watch us decode Subliminals and find Easter Eggs in media content!

Upcoming: Many new games times are on the horizon! We can't wait to show you what we have been cooking!

*Available Now

Nihongo no LR#1wm (2).jpg

$150 reward!

$150 reward!

*The Chinese Riddles have been delayed. Thank you for your patience.

Ball-park it! What do you think we named it? We're introducing a new way to play by listening to short songs. PAY ATTENTION to the LYRICS. If your answer comes close to what we had in mind, the prize is yours!

*Answers are at our discretion.

Name that song! #1  (Presentation (169)) wm.png

$150 reward!

*Available Now

Cosmic Sky

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