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Cartes d'or

About the Author

The Immensely Ambitious Entrepreneur

Charmeis Sentir Owner & Founder of Lottoriddles LLC

Published Novelist, U.S. Navy Veteran

Brief History and Inspirations

Born and raised in the American South (Alabama & Georgia).

I started my passion for writing at the age of 9 years old, back in 1999 when I didn't like the ending of a literature story we read for my third-grade class. From then on at home in my free time, I would write, illustrate, and even staple my books together with my dad's printer paper. Although there have been gap years since, my hobby has never stopped. My short stories have been published in my school's literary magazines, as well as one particular story that became a "play" performed in my high school auditorium for patrons.

I have always been business minded. I craved freedom with my creative endeavors from the start. As with my literary works, I valued being the "shot-caller". The major thrill for me in writing was being the person who decides how things go... exactly what an author does. I see that way of thinking influencing other areas of my life as well.

Secrets, Secrets, and more Secrets.

I love Subliminals and Easter Eggs. It's the one-two punch that makes writing exciting for me. This guilty pleasure started as far back as the 1990s when my parents no longer allowed me to watch one of my favorite TV-Shows, "Pokémon". There was a banned episode with strobe lights inducing seizures in children, sending them to the hospital (the Porygon episode). I was told things like this were "intentional" and that the creators "knew what they were doing". It sparked my curiosity about all things secret and hidden purposefully. Now in my mid-thirties, I've come to my own conclusion that they were right. I believe now that part of my job is to bring these deceptions to life, as well as having fun with the clever skills myself in a genuine and say way.

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