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Our bread and butter! The Lottoriddles consist of mainly short stories or blogs. This is where the bulk of the money resides. Enjoy our narratives and if you think you can skillfully piece together the answer, then why not make a living playing the Lottoriddles! Visit the shop to give them a try!

The miniature version of the original Lottoriddles. These are intended to be much shorter, easier, and directly to the point. Although, the prize money is less for this contest, you're far more likely to win! Visit the shop to try them now!

Photobliminal LR Sample.jpg

Take a close look at the photo. Examine it thoroughly. Notice the patterns. If you can decipher the subliminal in this picture, the money is yours if you attempt. This is an example of our new "Photobliminal" riddles

Introducing "The Dispersed Word"

Take a look at the letters on the script. Do they subliminally hint at a specific word? The answer will NOT be spelled out in the script directly like a crossword puzzle. Immerse your eyes into the letters and see if your mind "picks up" on a particular word. Can you see the word SPRITE?

DW #SampleWM.jpg
White Structure


From Podcasts, to short stories, poems, and many other audio avenues, listen in and catch the Underlying meaning! FEATURED on YOUTUBE!

Name that song! #1  (Presentation (169)) wm.png

Everyone loves a little music, right? Here is where Lyrics are key, but the instrumental not compromised. Can you name this song? A better question would be, what could be a good name for the song? If you have in mind anywhere close to what we have in mind (at our discretion), enjoy the payday. Also, rest-assured you may just sit back, relax, and enjoy the tunes free of charge. 


Similar to the Lottoriddles, only this time you are searching for a secret 4-digit number combination well-hidden in the passage. Keep in mind that a number like "27" is considered 'two' digits and NOT one. Your submission number should look like this: "8732". Can you unlock the safe? Give it a go!

こんにちは! Bonjour! 你好! ¡Hola!

Japanese, French, Mandarin, and Spanish riddles are also available. These answers will be culturally influenced as well! Feel right at home! Find the Subliminal Meaning and win!

Nihongo no LR#1wm (2).jpg
Lotto-Skit #1display.JPG

Yes, we have videos! Television episodes are soon to follow. Watch the skit. Can you decipher the secret meaning? Geared towards people who may not be the biggest fans of reading (we understand). Dissect the video and win some money!

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