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Lottoriddle #6 -

Prized at $500.00

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NOTE: Due to the nature of the contest, there are NO REFUNDS.*





Driving down the busy street, Tori spotted her favorite restaurant and was tempted to stop. “Oh, ma gawd, girl! I hate to bring you along in another one of my bad decisions, but I am starving, and I’m about to turn over here and grab a burger.”

“Oh, you’re fine,” her passenger Mila assured, throwing a hand. “Go head. Actually, I might grab something too.”

Mary slowed as she drove over the entrance ditch of the restaurant. “I just know I’m supposed to be on this diet. I did good in the gym this week. I think I deserve a cheat day. I can’t lie, junk food in my guilty pleasure.”

“Don’t feel bad, you might need that protein,” Mila eyed the promotional window posters deals as they wrapped around the drive-thru and waited behind a car. “I was vegan three years. I had never felt so weak in my life.”

“It’s just that when I get lenient, it’s a snowball effect,” Tori chuckled. “I’m going to get home, eat this burger while I watch my shows, and I’m not going to feel like doing anything else. I know I got a lot of stuff to do tonight. My darn unsupportive husband, always be tempting me with food he knows I can’t eat.”

Mila squinted at what she could make out of the menu from her position in the car. “Derrick is grilling tonight. But it’s fine. We’ll be eating on that stuff for days to come. I’m hungry now.”

Tori pulled up to the drive-thru speaker as the other car pulled. “And … Welcome to Beefy Believee,” the drive-thru clerk greeted. “Would you like to try our new Barbecue Angus beef and bacon sandwich special?”

“Give me one second, thank you,” Tori re-situated herself towards the menu.

“Not a problem, order when you’re ready,” The Clerk responded.

Mila ducked over the gear shift to get a better view, “I think I’m going to just take the number two chicken nugget meal with an apple pie. I don’t need anything too heavy. Give me a small Sprite with that. In fact, make that two apple pies.”

“Okay, okay, I got you,” Tori studied the menu, “oh no! They have slurpees now! Tsk.” she sucked her teeth.


What is the subliminal answer or phrase to this riddle?

Examples Answers: "California" or [The Cat is out of the Bag]



Lottoriddle #6

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