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Lottoriddle #12 

Prized at $500.00


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NOTE: Due to the nature of the contest, there are NO REFUNDS.*






“I hate having discussions like this,” Terry set up the vacuum suction in his backyard pool.

Christopher waved the pool net in the water, "Well, it must be had, son. I’m nearing three-quarters of a century. It’s time to have the tough talks."

“There’s a reason you’re living in my house. I took you in when you needed assistance. Barry’s plan for you was the old folks’ home. I would never,” Terry stood on a knee monitoring the suction. He then looked up to his father, “I’m telling ya, the company should come down to me. And I love my son. God knows I do, but Rob is a loose cannon who can’t control his pecker.”

“Rob’s in his mid-thirties and is the third generation of the Timshire legacy. What did we preach about? Generation Wealth, that’s right,” Christopher nodded and walked to the narrow end of the pool, guiding the safety float with the net. “The kids got a lot of heart and life ahead of him. Speaking of, where is he?”

“He was supposed to be here an hour ago,” Terry came to his feet and gave a wave to the neighbor two houses down. “He’s probably railing that damn girl again. There’s no telling what she’s got him into. He won’t listen. You know he’s trying to marry her? Speak of protecting our empire. Listen, pops, I’m not trying to tell you how to disperse your assets. I’m just simply saying … give me the company. Put me in charge, at least! None of that board member bologna; less politics.”

“It’s thirty-three percent across the board, like I mentioned; my two sons and my grandson. That’s written into my tombstone,” He lifted his finger and he pointed to his son. “Acting CEO, however, I was planning to give that to you.”

“Thank god!” Terry gave a hard exhalation as he threw a dissolving tablet into the pool.

“Thank not so fast,” Terry walked in front of him and grabbed his shoulders. “You’re showing signs of power hunger, my son, and that’s a threat to generational wealth.”



What is the subliminal answer or phrase to this riddle?

Examples Answers: "California" or [The Cat is out of the Bag]

Lottoriddle #12

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